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Katrina Schroeder Smith, RD LDN is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, weight management, and nutrition.

After studying nutrition at Simmons College, she trained in the Leadership and Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital. During the LEAH Fellowship she had the unique opportunity to learn about all aspects of adolescent health with a team of multidisciplinary providers.

She currently works as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Clinic. She contributes to the guides and blogs at the Center for Young Women’s Health ( and In her private practice she counsels teens, young adults, and adults with eating disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and other nutrition-related issues.

Katrina is the co-author of Eat Smart in Denmark, Medical Terminology for Health Professions 8th Edition, and the co-author of several book chapters on the subject of adolescent nutrition.

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